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Thank you for stopping by Life Coaching World Wide. This is the first step into building the life you desire and deserve.

Life Coaching World Wide was founded in 2005, by Kristen L. Baker, Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Certified Wellness Coach. Life Coaching World Wide has no demographic limitations, Kristen coaches people in
New Hampshire and the World.

Kristen was Certified through the Certified Coaches Alliance and she is accredited by the International Coaches Federation and follows a strict code of ethics.

Life Coaching World Wide is committed to your success, Kristen L. Baker is a Whole Life Coach, which means she coaches you as a whole human being, mind, relationships, finances, wellness, career and more. . She is an anxiety expert as well.
She knows how to get you from where you are now to where you want to be without fear, anxities and limitations.

As your own personal coach, Kristen will:

  • Listen and Hear You!
  • She will help you set and achive your goals
  • She will bring out your full potential
  • She will guide you every step of the way through changes
  • She will be your partner
  • She practices confidentiality and a Strict Code Of Ethics
  • She will challenge you to what she knows you can achieve
  • She will support you
  • She will always have your best interest at heart 

Information on this site is not intended to replace medical or mental health care. Coaching is NOT Therapy, it is helping you move forward and the coach reserves the right to refer you to a Mental Health Professional if feels the need.    Site Meter

It Is Never Too Late To Change Your Life For The Better!